Rijtuigen van Kasteel de Haar

The carriages of Castle de Haar

Last weekend, four restored carriages from Kasteel De Haar were presented. Among them was a reunion with Imposant (by Eebert), who was hitched to a more than 100-year-old Napoleon Phaeton. Imposant, born in 2013, was bred by Niek Augustinus from Ommeren.

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Imposant new team member

New team member

Since 2 weeks we have a new addition to our stable, Imposant (by Eebert x Uromast). Imposant was already very successful in the harness sport in his younger years, and won the Egbert Emmink Bokaal as a 3-year-old with Cees van der Maat as his driver.

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Brummelkamp Collection gallerij

Facebook Het Tuigpaard / The Dutch Harness Horse

Harness horses are primarily bred to shine as competition horses in the show ring. But that is not the only stage where they excel. They perform at the top level in international carriage driving, and we are seeing them more and more as dressage horses, bringing joy to many.

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